Why does Transcend include the Proposition 65 warning?

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You may have seen the following warning associated with our products under Proposition 65.

In 1986, California voters approved the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act known as Proposition 65. The purpose of Proposition 65 warning is to ensure that people are informed about exposure to such chemicals by the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and/or other reproductive harm.

The warning does not mean that our products will necessarily cause cancer or reproductive harm. Moreover, a Proposition 65 warning does not mean a product is in violation of any product\-safety standards or requirements. In fact, the California government has clarified that “the fact that a product bears a Proposition 65 warning does not mean by itself that the product is unsafe.” The government has also explained, “You could think of Proposition 65 more as a ‘right to know’ law than a pure product safety law.”

Transcend has chosen to provide the Proposition 65 warning statement as products contain one or more of the chemicals listed under Proposition 65 without attempting to evaluate the level of exposure, as not all of the listed chemicals provide exposure limit requirements.

We believe our products are not harmful when used as designed. We provide the warning in order to comply with this California right-to-know law.

With Transcend's products, the exposure may be negligible or well within the “no significant risk” range. Moreover, Transcend has elected to provide the Proposition 65 notice on its products as an abundance caution.

Visit http://www.oehha.ca.gov/prop65/background/p65plain.html to get more information about Proposition 65.
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